Monday, March 1, 2010

So this is what it's like to get older, huh?

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So, just how did this happen? When did I suddenly fall into the realm of the “affected”? How many of you have experienced that period of separation anxiety that exists between the time you discover your watch battery is dead, and you get it replaced? Oh, that was my day yesterday—but let me start at the beginning:

I don’t need my watch first thing, because there are at all times two other time keeping (alarm) devices on my night stand. As a part of finishing “getting ready” (anyone outside of the south use that phrase?) for church, I reached for my watch as we were about to leave. My muscles tensed and my bones became weak as I saw the dial and the hands of the watch – 2:18!!

It was time to leave, and I had to come to grips with the fact that I would be facing this day without my trusty chronometric display device!! Unfortunately, this is not a new feeling for me, but it is one that is most debilitating. I have this feeling that I am totally unequipped to handle the affairs of the day without that device ticking away silently on my wrist.

I came to this new chronometer as a result of this same experience as some years ago the battery expired on my trusty Timex. I took time out of my day to visit the local jewelry Megastore (complete with onsite jewelers) to get the replacement battery installed. “Sir, we don’t do that here anymore” were the words that struck fear in my body. She continued, “You should try Store XXX in the mall”. Great, at least I had an alternative. Ha! They must have a monopoly on this battery replacement therapy, because I heard an amazing quote – “$45.00 to replace the battery, sir”, replied the turbaned one in a thick Indian accent. I now had a quandary – should I spend $45 to replace the battery in a Timex? No thanks! So I got the upgrade to the new watch! Which brings me back to this new watch displaying 2:18!

Now what would I do? The thoughts of paying $45 for a watch battery replacement began to really irk me. Move to Sunday afternoon post nap (a fundamental component of independent Baptist doctrine) and I again begin to think about this dead watch. How could this instrument be revived? I looked at the back of this watch and ideas began to spring in my head. This back cover was not smooth, but had regularly spaced notches. I could get this off with no trouble! After a quick trip to the trusty toolbox to retrieve my favorite pair of needle nose pliers, and, just as I thought, a piece of cake. The back was off in no time! A quick lift of the plastic protective cover, and there it was – the source of my consternation – the battery! But, it was small--- really small. Here are the specs for this little gem: Weight 0.1 ounce Width 0.26 inches Height 0.08 inches.

Now that I had dislodged that discharged DC power source I found myself facing another dilemna. What was the part number of this battery? I looked for that magic blend of letters and numbers, but alas, it just looked like the top was scratched to me. I can actually read best without the aid of my bifocals, so I removed them. No luck. I called for the spousal unit and she too was incapable of discerning the magic code needed to reinvigorate my lifeless Bulova. What was I to do? I have seen the display of these small batteries in the local pharmacy, but without the aid of a specific product code, how could I hope to restart my timekeeper?

And then it hit me - off to the pharmacy I went. I was beaming, I was so proud of myself! I entered the store proudly, and marched to the back of the store, where they keep all the "aids" for the most senior of us. And there it was.

I marched up and grasped the handle in my hand and carefully maneuvered the device up and down until the magic code began to come into focus! Aha! There it was - SR621SW, the magic code that could restart my listless wristwatch.

Now, would the store have this particular battery in stock? NOOOOOOOO!!! I was so sure! But, have no fear, there are two more stores on the way home - and at the next stop I strike gold!

Ask me what time it is now, and I can tell you!

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