Monday, April 26, 2010

If you love to read Dekker, and you are a fan of LOST...

then you will love this book!


Four lost souls on a collision course with either disaster or redemption. A random community of Faces in the Fire.

Meet Kurt, a truck-driver-turned-sculptor with no memory of his past. Corinne, an e-mail spammer whose lymphoma isn’t responding to treatment. Grace, a tattoo artist with an invented existence and a taste for heroin. And Stan, a reluctant hit man haunted by his terrifying gift for killing.

They don’t know each other, at least not yet. But something–or someone–is at work in the fabric of their lives, weaving them all together. A catfish, a series of numbers scribbled on a napkin, a devastating fire, and something mysterious. Something that could send them hurtling down the highway to disaster–or down the road to redemption. But they won’t know which is which until they’ve managed to say yes to the whispers in their souls.

Faces in the Fire starts off with Chapter 34 and jumps around from there. Chapter 1 is somewhere in the middle of the book. The book is in four parts with each part following a different character.

The stories of four uncommon people – truck driver and sculptor with no memories beyond the past six months, a notorious spammer with terminal cancer, a tattoo artist/heroine addict, and a hit man with the world’s most bizarre weapon – cross paths, guided by unexplained visions of catfish and seemingly random numbers (which also is the ISBN number). Remember, LOST was all about the numbers, too. T.L. Hines does an awesome job of keeping all in order.

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