Thursday, January 28, 2016

I Dare Men to Read this Book

I Dare Men to Read this Book


Bronner: A Journey to Understand is a book that will grab you, consume you, and, unless you are reprobate, will certainly impact you!  Men – you probably will want to read this alone – no one needs to see another ugly faced cry!
We’ve all known pain.  We’ve all experienced grief.  Like Job of the Bible, we may have even shaken our fist at God and wondered why He would allow us to be born just to suffer the tragedies of this life.  Well, if you want the answers, grab a copy of this book.

A German Philosopher (Gottfried Leibniz) coined the term “Theodicy” way back in 1710 – Sherry Burgess became personally acquainted with the term on January 19, 2008.  Fear gripped her entire body as she said those two fateful words, “Where’s Bronner?”  When she found him face down in the family pool, her world was shattered.  “My whole life – everything – was over. Not that I had given up yet. I thought he could be revived. I was hoping for resuscitation, but, even so, I knew that from that moment on nothing would ever be the same.” (p. 55)
 It is a violation of the laws of nature for parents to bury their children.  For those of us who have not experienced this particular tragedy, we can probably come nowhere close to understanding the depths of that level of grief.  We can sympathize, but empathy is foreign to us.  Your sympathy gene will be stretched as you turn the pages of this book.  From the joys of a mother sharing how complete her life is with her young, new son to the grief associated with Bronner’s drowning, to following Sherri’s journey to pursue God for answers, the emotional roller coaster of this book is beyond most things I’ve ever read.

 As dark, bleak, and tragic as that winter day in 2008 was for the Burgess family, the journey revealed that even this was a part of God’s plan.  Triumph arose from tragedy, a testimony (and wow, what a testimony) grew from this family’s trial.  By the time you turn the last page, hopefully you too will understand that God is still in control!

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