Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I voted for Tom Graves

My country is in trouble.

Sure, we face terroristic threats from enemies abroad, but our greatest threats to the liberties I have been blessed to enjoy arise from our domestic enemies. I'm not talking about what the main stream media likes to refer to as home grown terrorists, but, rather, I'm concerned with the progressive movement that has swept up this country over the previous two years. I'm concerned because our government no longer resembles the government envisioned by our founders.

A Pastor of the Pilgrims wrote in a letter to them before they departed for the new country - (original spelling maintained):

Lastly, whereas you are become a body politik, using amongst your selves civill governmente, and are not furnished with any persons of spetiall eminencie above ye rest, to be chosen by you into office of government, let your wisdome & godlines appeare, not only in chusing shuch as doe entirely love and will promote ye comone good but also in yeelding unto them all due honour & obedience in their lawfull administrations; not behoulding in them ye ordinarinesse of their persons, but Gods ordinance for your good, not being like ye foolish multitud who more honour ye gay coate, then either ye vertuous minde of ye man, or glorious ordinance of ye Lord. But you know better things, & that ye image of ye Lords power & authoritie which ye magistrate beareth, is honourable, in how meane persons soever. And this dutie you both may ye more willingly and ought ye more conscionably to performe, because you are at least for ye present to have only them for your ordinarie governours, which your selves shall make choyse of for that worke.

From the Federalist Papers:

Government is, after all, the greatest of all reflections on human nature. If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels governed men, no controls on government would be necessary. But men govern men. So, security measures are necessary to control the abuses of government.

In framing a government, the great difficulty lies in this:
o first, the government must control the governed, and
o second, it must be forced to control itself.
The primary control on the government is its dependency on the people. But experience teaches us that more precautions are necessary.

Federalist Papers No. 10

The practical advice given in these writings is as important today as it was those centuries ago. The "consent of the governed" has been lost on the power structure of Washington. The power structure of Washington presents a class dichotomy - those in power, and those without. This is very similar to the "good ole boy" network that has existed for far too long inside the Gold Dome in Atlanta.

During his tenure there, Tom's leadership skills were recognized by many, including then speaker Richardson as he tapped Tom for one of his "hawk" positions. When Tom opposed Richardson on principle, refusing to believe politics is a "team sport", he was banished to office space across the street. Tom has the courage to face the challenges of Washington and will do so with a servant's heart.

I've heard Tom speak on many occasions, and I've heard many speak on his behalf - including his pastor. If you will allow me to borrow from the Bible in the book of Esther, I believe Tom is the right man for "such a time as this."

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