Friday, July 24, 2009

We've got to act now!!

Kudos to my friend, and hopefully the future governor of my state. Here a crisis, there a crisis, everywhere a crisis, and we must pass and sign legislation today. Have we reached the point that we believe a signed piece of legislation will act as an amulet to ward off the evil spirits that might surround us? Apparently so, as no one is concerned about what is in the bill, as long as we get one passed through both Houses and signed by POTUS.

I suspect there is something more at work here, something very base to the world of politics in general - the compelling desire to hang on to the power that comes with being a Washington insider. Our elected officials have this as an overarching objective - Get re-elected. By passing this piece of garbage legislation, filled with promotion of the most repugnant immorality (abortion will be covered under the new health care vision), these guys can go to their constituents and tout their support for carrying out the President's agenda.

I was privileged recently to visit with a friend as he led a local congregation in their midweek Bible study. The topic just happened to be centered on the Old Testament's "minor" prophet, Habbakkuk. In this story, we read of a man whose heart was broken at the wickedness that surrounded him, and he pleaded with God for understanding of why/how this could happen. I'm starting to see most of the gang on Capital Hill as modern day Chaldeans. May God have mercy on this country!

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