Friday, December 17, 2010

Tell me your problem again?

Nick VujicicImage by Yeh Designs via Flickr I was first introduced to the inspiration of Nick Vujicic by the CEO of our company. During our annual goal setting meetings, one of Nick’s videos was played for us with the theme, It Matters How you Finish. Since that viewing I set out to learn a little more about this most inspiring of individuals and each discovery has proven to be incrementally more amazing.
With an unabashedly optimistic outlook on life, Nick puts many of us to shame who face no physical limitations. Gifted with insight and empathy, his trials with his disability have been turned around and used as a gift to motivate and help others. He explains on page one that he found happiness when he learned that despite his imperfections and disability that he is perfect in God's eyes and that he is part of God's creation "designed according to His plan". He perceives himself as enabled instead of disabled, counting him blessed amidst a world where many experience all kinds of pain and suffering. His book new 238 page, Life Without Limits, published by Doubleday publishers, harnesses Nick's gift of empowerment to motivate the reader no matter what challenges he may face in life.
There are uncomfortable passages in this book, even though at times they are presented from a humorous tangent. Nick recalls the story of facing down the taunts of the schoolyard bully, finally agreeing to face him in a “fight”, even though he admits to wondering at the time about how he could engage the bully – how in the world could he fight this guy? Well, he does, and there is much to be learned from this encounter – for both of the combatants.
This book is sure to provide any reader an inspirational lift, no matter what his or her circumstances may be.
As a blogger for Water Book publishers I received a copy of this book for the purposes of review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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